Is the pairing meme still going? If so, Optimus/Ratchet or Optimus/Jazz? Pretty please?


Well, since you said pretty please… ;)  Thanks for the ask!

Optimus/Ratchet was already answered here.


  • who wakes the other one up with kisses:  Jazz.  He likes to tease Optimus by kissing his unmasked cheek or nose, and then dancing away before Optimus can sleepily reach for him.  (He never leaves the room, though; Optimus sometimes wakes up in full battle mode, and Jazz wants to be there to talk him down.)
  • who cooks for who:  On the rare occasions when either of them has time, it’s more often Jazz, because Spec Ops is often a cycle of long missions with extended downtime in between.  Jazz is a good cook, too (years of running his own club back on Cybertron gave him a chance to learn about every aspect of the hospitality business):  he loves showing off his flashiest dishes, and he loves being able to do something practical and helpful for Optimus, who’s often as lousy at taking care of himself as he is good at taking care of everyone else.  Optimus really wants to reciprocate, but as Prime, he’s basically on 24/7, and almost never has time to himself.
  • who is the morning person/night person:  Optimus is more of a morning person.  He likes the quiet of going for a drive around dawn, when no one else is awake.  Jazz, on the other hand, is so much of a night person that when he joins Optimus for those drives, it’s right before Jazz goes to bed after a night’s work. It’s so hard for the two of them to get time off at all, though, that the way the opposite ends of their workdays overlap is actually really nice.
  • who is the romantic one:  Optimus.  He has a deep, deep romantic streak.  He’s openly affectionate, and not ashamed to voice his feelings – often in such grave and poetic terms that Jazz feels a bit like an army Optimus is attempting to inspire before battle.  Jazz is affectionate, as well, and good at whispering sweet nothings, but, like all spies, he keeps something of a wall around his deeper emotions.  It’s difficult to tell what’s real and what’s the image he projects – and what he’s saying and doing because he wants to offer Optimus some comfort in the middle of the war.
  • who is the top when it comes to sex:  Optimus, but Jazz tends to be the one driving things forward (not dominating, necessarily, although that does happen sometimes, but initiating and subtly guiding the interaction).
  • who would lead in ballroom dancing:  Dancing of any kind = Jazz, no question.  Optimus would trip over his feet a bit, but Jazz would be a good enough lead to make it easy for Optimus to follow.
  • who is the more cuddly one:  Optimus.  He is, as previously established, a giant metallic ball of robot cuddles and affirmation.
  • who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch:  Jazz.  He’s more up on Earth culture, and eager to introduce Optimus to it.  Optimus usually makes it through about half a movie, no matter how much he enjoys it, before crashing face-first on Jazz’s shoulder, but Jazz just chuckles and pauses the movie, letting him sleep.
  • who is the one who would pay for dates:  Jazz is better off – intelligence operative/nightclub owner/performer/delete as your headcanon dictates vs. dockworker/cop/clerk – and would happily treat Optimus, but Optimus insists on switching off, and is wise to Jazz’s trick of trying to take Optimus to nicer places when it’s Jazz’s turn to pay.  Equality in a relationship is very important to Optimus.
  • who is the one who would initiate a quickie during classes:  Definitely Jazz.  Optimus works too hard, and he needs something to relax him.  Jazz knows how to make it allll better…

EEEEEEEE this made me so happy~! <3

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I call for a moment of silence in memory over the glory of Optimus/Jazz as best friends and a brotp.


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When will you do a slash comic about Prime and Jazz?

One of these days~!

OP/Jazz sticky fic!